“I attended a four day workshop with Maggie in Dublin. Before I went, I was a reluctant writer, anxious about reading my work in front of others. Maggie’s relaxed, supportive, and playful workshops untied a knot in me and by the end of the week, I was happily sharing with the other women in the group. Maggie leads by example – it’s impossible not to feel inspired by her honesty, passion and deep seated sense of fun.”

Judie Holliday


Maggie’s writing retreats opened up a wider world of writing possibilities for me. She created a safe environment for a fledgling writer.

Mary Quattro


Maggie Butler as Creativity Coach

“Working with Maggie produced instant results that are still paying off long term. She opened a crack in the WRITERSBLOCKWALL that allowed enough light to fall on the page for me to see to write by. And then, brick by gentle brick, she helped me dismantle it until there was a hole big enough to crawl through to the other side—to the land where my words were waiting. I wake up every morning with the intention to write and am able to follow through on it. A first for me.”

Sue Reynolds www.writeportal.ca


Five years ago I attended a magical writing retreat in the mountains of West Virginia with Maggie, and it is not overstating the case to say that it changed my life. Until then I hadn’t realized how free and fun writing could be, nor had I realized how quickly–with the right method and the right facilitator–one could dive right into the heart of creative juiciness. That retreat (as well as subsequent retreats and workshops) with Maggie inspired me to become an Amherst Writers & Artists facilitator myself, and I cannot imagine more joyful work. Thank you, Maggie.

– Lisa Colburn, Leesburg, VA

“Maggie Butler’s classes and workshops are not only wonderful opportunities to hone the craft of writing, but an experience of space so sacred, safe, and creative, that beautiful writing is evoked from every participant. Through these very special workshops, I wrote stories that were published in a variety of venues. I feel deep gratitude to Maggie for her truly skilled teaching, which easily invokes place and personality, scene and setting, dialogue, and character. She leads writers into the mysteries of memory and imagination, and helps us step into the river of story as it flows from mind to pen to paper.”

– Jane Sloven


I have attended Maggie’s wonderful workshops – mainly in Dublin, but one magical time on a writing retreat in Biddeford Pool in Maine. I found them inspirational and empowering. Whilst very much a novice writer, the format used and the encouragement given elicited some writing from me of which I did not think myself capable. Give yourself and your creativity a treat and sign-up for one of Maggie’s workshops.

Denise Collins Dublin, Ireland


Writing with Maggie Butler

“I have been privileged to attend a number of Maggie’s courses and workshops on creative writing over the last few years. At all times I have found Maggie to be inspirational, supportive, encouraging, perceptive and gentle in her coaching and facilitation of creative writing groups. She is also great fun, and a joy to meet. Her warmth, hospitality and generosity know no bounds; and her passion and enthusiasm for writing is truly wonderful. An accomplished professional to her finger-tips, Maggie maintains boundaries and respects all her sister/fellow writers. Drawing on her therapeutic background, she creates a very safe and respectful space where everyone can share their creative thoughts and writings, and that is a rare gift that she freely offers. I have loved attending Maggie’s courses and workshops.”

– Anne O’Connor


As an experienced and skilled facilitator of the Amherst Writers & Artists Workshop Method, Maggie provided the opportunity and a safe space for me to transition from an insecure, fledgling wanna-be writer to ‘a writer’.

M. Lynch, York, Me
Co Clare, Ireland


“I have attended two of Maggie Butler’s writing retreats. I was very impressed with Maggie’s ability to bring a group of strangers together into a very comfortable and cohesive writing group. Ms. Butler’s nurturing and accepting mentoring style created a very prolific writing arena with participants very wiling to share their work. I look forward to my next opportunity to experience one of Ms. Butler’s well thought out and gently guided writing retreats.”

– Barbara R.


I have attended numerous workshops with Maggie. I love writing in response to her prompts which promote spontaneity and freshness in my writing. Two of the poems I wrote on the spot in her groups have since been accepted for publication.

– Diane Schetky

“Writing at one of Maggie’s writing retreats is where I understood the concept of voice, and found my own. Deep, sincere listening, and supportive, caring attention describe my Maggie experiences. Writing with her grows my wings – the ones I write with.”

Gerri D. Virginia


“Maggie’s passion and focus permeated the workshop process beautifully. The experience changed me, and I would take another workshop with her. What a privilege it was to be taught by such a dedicated writer.”

JJ Hart, Bridgton, Maine